Unpublished Magic Tutorials

Thank you for participate the Unpublished Magic Tutorials contest.

Contest Period:
The contest will begin on Thursday January 24th at 08:00 am and it finishes on Friday February 8th at 12:00 noon.
The hours are at GMT Time zone (London time). You can compare it to your local time here

Your Task:
You have two weeks to invite as many magicians to join Unpublished Magic Tutorials to receive free video tutorials from top notch magicians including: Aaron Fisher, Joshua Jay, Flip!, Manuel Muerte, Thom Peterson, Gregory Wilson and many more.

Copy-Paste your unique referral link  anywhere you find suitable, but please make sure it’s visible for magicians only. We don’t want to expose secrets in public, do we?
(your mailing list, magic forums, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. may be a good idea)

Anyone that will sign-up to Unpublished Magic Tutorials via your referral link will be counted on your account.

 The Winner:
The Winner in this contest is the one that gets most of the new signs-up to Unpublished Magic Tutorials during the time period mentioned above.
A status report and extra suggestions will be sent to you every few days.

Notice: a valid sign-up is a magician who clicks the link at the validation mail that he receives after he fills the on-line form at your unique referral link that you sent him.

 The Prize:
The prize is a pack of magic that will be sent to the winner and includes: The Roy DVD, Requires Only You DVD, The Lottery Winner, The Cool Spool, Cool Spool DVD, Cobra Light (by Cobra Magic), Invisible Touch DVD + The Knight’s Tour DVD (by Lior Manor).

I wish you best of luck,
Roy Zaltsman

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