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My Billet act REVEALED

Watch my two billet mind reading act which I do in every show. I love performing it because all I need is two pieces of paper and a pen 🙂 If you liked it, you can get your two DVDs in for a discounted price and FREE Shipping and handling.
There are 20 sets left and I have it available for 24 hours only.

Required Only You DVD

Be amongst the first to learn Roy Zaltsman’s best kept secrets and subtleties. Each and every one of these effects can be performed anywhere – both stage and close up. The DVD includes:

RZ Center Tear – the fastest, most natural, cleanest and yet the most casual center tear you can find. EASY to perform.

RZ Modified Switch – Roy Zaltsman has taken the one handed Annemann switch to an entirely new and highly creative level.

PAM TW Force – An intriguing and very versatile force for anything and everything you might want to use in your performance.

Three Thoughts – Roy’s billet routine will amaze, amaze and amaze your audiences three times in a row.

Acidus Alkalinus – An extremely subtle way to secretly & easily gather pre-show and other information.

Bonus Effect: Your Second Number – Roy Zaltsman’s fascinating take on the usage of the Swami Gimmick.

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The Roy DVD

Ten engaging mind reading effects that will mesmerize your audience

Two secrets – A real magician-fooler! The mentalist proves that he knew in advance which card the spectator would pick and its exact location in the deck.

Q 4 U 2 NO.1 – Impromptu version of the ‘Question & Answer’ effect. Neither switches nor dummy billets required.

Divine numbers – begin by revealing a sum of an unknown list of numbers written by the spectator, and top it off with a surprising prediction at the end.

Q 4 U 2 NO.2 – Yet another Q&A routine using Zaltsman’s modification of the famous Annemann’s billet switch.

Places – 7 chairs, 7 volunteers, exact match, and a prediction with a twist…

Feminine intuition – Predict a randomly selected volunteer and the object which she thought of.

Just in your mind – A spectator visually selects a card, only to find that the card was never in the deck, but in his pocket all along…

Folded card in mouth – This is Roy Zaltsman’s long standing opening act, which never ceases to confound the audience!

Headline prediction – learn the real work on a classic. A strong version of the effect by Roy Yozevitch.

Stiff arm – Truly a case of mind over matter in this self persuasion effect; you won’t believe it until you try it!

Special deal is over