Lottery Winner 2.0

Lottery Winner 2.0 is a user-friendly performance set that allows anyone to mesmerize an audience using a simple concept. Lottery Winner 2.0 employs an ordinary looking yet intelligently constructed pack of business cards numbered 1 through 49, representing common numbers used in lotteries worldwide. These cards will enable you to guess the winning lottery numbers of six volunteers every time. Lottery Winner 2.0 also has a kicker “bonus number” ending that takes the act to the next level, leaving audiences blown away and you with their undivided attention.

Lottery Winner 2.0 is easy to perform even for inexperienced practitioners. There is no sleight of hand required, and the cards are self-resetting so the act can be done again and again. It practically works itself… all you need is hands! Lottery Winner 2.0 is a big performance in a small, easy to operate package. Tuck it in a pocket and be ready to perform at a moment’s notice.

This extraordinary performance set plays well on stage, is an eye-catcher at trade shows, and will amaze in more intimate settings such as a parlor or in close-up demonstrations. Experience ease of use, incredible results and shocked reactions whenever you perform this remarkable routine. Astound any audience, any time with the amazing Lottery Winner 2.0!

Price: 35$

  • The Lottery effect is really great Roy. I love the simplicity of it and the last person standing conclusion. Very powerful. – Bill Abbott
  • Lottery Winner 2.0 is a real winner! This is the classic example of packs small and play HUGE! A tool with a lot uses which will inspire you to create wonderful stage routines. Highly recommended – Luca Volpe
  • Roy was a headliner at last year's MINDvention and his Lottery Winner routine was one of the best effects on the convention. Winning the lottery is a theme that resonates with everyone, the effect is not hard to do and it plays BIG. I can wholeheartedly recommend this routine.  – Danny Archer
  • Roy's Lottery Winner 2.0 is a winner! This is simple, direct, baffling and entertaining mentalism with a popular theme, which has numerous presentational possibilities! The lottery number cards are beautifully constructed, and with care should last you years and years. It is worth at least double the asking price and it is highly recommended! – Steve Cook