Roy Zaltsman - Conventions


Conventions with a difference, a bit of mystery, and commercial success!

Roy Zaltsman knows a thing or two about magic conventions. He runs his own, and has emceed or been featured in numerous conventions around the world. Whether presenting an entertaining stage show or a close-up magic act, Roy adds an element of exciting mystery to any magic convention. He brings a new dimension that is totally different. He mingles with participants, exudes a magnetic friendliness and openly shares his techniques and effects.

A well known Israeli mentalist, Roy has extensive professional experience at events for the professional magician and mentalist. He is the Initiator and Executive Producer of the annual Israeli MARS convention (Magic At the Red Sea). He appeared in the Israeli TV series "The Successor" with Uri Geller, as well as in various TV programs about mentalism and mnemonics.

Roy has performed at numerous magic conventions including Blackpool Magic Convention (UK), Magic in the Rockies (USA), The Glass City Conjurer's Conclave (USA), Dino's Magic Convention (Mexico) and MINDvention (USA).

Roy is known for his electric stage presence, fascinating mind-reading shows and highly entertaining performances. Any magic convention that books Roy Zaltsman is slated to be an overwhelming commercial success.