Roy Zaltsman - Lectures


Aside from hosting and featuring in professional conventions, Roy Zaltsman conducts lecture tours for professionals and amateurs.

He turns his lectures into entertaining presentations while teaching some of his own mind-reading effects. Using billets, playing cards, index cards, ordinary books and everyday objects, he demonstrates his techniques to the magicians in the audience. He shows them how he performs mind-boggling effects in a casual yet creative manner.

A strong believer in sharing knowledge, Roy reveals his own tools such as mind-mapping and other creative techniques, and he demonstrates how he uses them in mentalist and close-up magic. He shows his professional audience how to upgrade and transform simple effects into masterpieces that are truly inspirational.

  • I am really glad to have held the first club conference with Roy.
    he has suggested us some really interesting ideas and we have been really impressed by his thoughts about "thinking outside the box". I deem him being a very capable person, and I hope to see him again soon.  Daniele Ross,  Club del Mentalismo, Milan, Italy
  • I found Roy genuinely engaging with bags of charisma….. Many of our members would be delighted to see him again! – Steve Owen, Bolton Magicians club
  • We were all very impressed with your standard of effects show, your very easy presentation and your brilliant sense of humour. I have personally made up a couple of your effects for my next show. – Don George, President of the Manchester Circle of magicians
  • I feel that if I get one thing [be it a trick or a piece of advice] from a lecture then it was worth attending, I certainly got a lot more than that from your lecture – Rodger Ball, Manchester Circle Of Magicians
  • Not having much knowledge of Mentalism and mind reading we were not sure what to expect but Roy really showed us that there is a lot more this art that initially meets the eye – Marcel Burn, President of the Nottingham Guild of Magicians
  • It was great to see someone who lectured on mind reading effects which were both practical and entertaining. – Alan Coventry, President, Blackpool Magicians Club
  • I would just like to thank you for your lecture at The Magic Circle on Monday night. It certainly caught the imagination of the audience who continued to discuss many of its facets over the days following the event. – Mandy Davis MIMC Club Night Secretary, London Magic Circle
  • Roy Zaltsman's lecture contains direct, powerful theories and effects. He puts the spectator first, which makes his methods streamlined and his mind mapping very useful in improving or creating effects. Roy is engaging and funny, making is lecture a pleasure to watch. – Andrew Ware, Cardiff Magical Societies Entertainment
  • It would be great to get your lecture notes! There was some nice thinking in your lecture and we disussed many of your items after the lecture. It is always great if a lecture starts your own thought process! Thanks for giving us something to think about! – Andreas Fleckenstein, Oz Frankfurt
  • Thank you so much for your great lecture. The effects you taught us were both easy to do and had a strong impact. We liked the mixture of mental effects in the main part of the lecture and the finesses, tips and of course the card tricks in the inofficial part of the evening. We also appreciated your laid back manner of performing and teaching. – Ulrich Glammeier, Oz Hannover