Requires Only You DVD

Requires Only You DVD

Be amongst the first to learn Roy Zaltsman's best kept secrets and subtleties. Each and every one of these effects can be performed anywhere – both stage and close up. The DVD includes:

RZ Center Tear – the fastest, most natural, cleanest and yet the most casual center tear you can find. EASY to perform.

RZ Modified Switch – Roy Zaltsman has taken the one handed Annemann switch to an entirely new and highly creative level.

PAM TW Force – An intriguing and very versatile force for anything and everything you might want to use in your performance.

Three Thoughts – Roy's billet routine will amaze, amaze and amaze your audiences three times in a row.

Acidus Alkalinus – An extremely subtle way to secretly & easily gather pre-show and other information.

Bonus Effect: Your Second Number – Roy Zaltsman's fascinating take on the usage of the Swami Gimmick.

Price: 35$

  • Just when I thought he couldn't possibly get any better – he just did!!! Requires Only You is the best Mentalist video I have ever seen !!! Believe me, I've seen several!!! – Anthony Darkstone – International Deputy – Society of American Magicians
  • Roy's new DVD is like a one-stop shop for anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of mentalism, or wants to learn a new variant on those fundamentals. I particularly loved his version of the PATEO force which had me with my face in my hands wondering why Roy's way wasn't the way we always did it. It makes more sense and looks and more natural. – Ken Dyne
  • I am very impressed with your tear. It is one of the most deceptive instant reads I have encountered. The peek comes at the most appropriate time. A gem. – Ross Johnson
  • All the routines are for the working performer. Roy's approach to the PATEO force and his Center Tear worth the price of the entire DVD! – Luca Volpe