Unpublished Magic Tutorials

Roy Zaltsman’s entire line of products costs 980 DKK and you can get it TODAY ONLY at €100 (750 DKK)

The Package includes: The Roy DVD + Requires Only You DVD + Lottery Winner 2.0 + The Cool Spool + Cool Spool DVD.

The cool spool

The cool Spool is a 100m high quality Invisible Elastic Thread on an easy to handle spool. Use it for big verity of hook-up for levitation and animation. But the best thing…make your own invisible elastic loops.


Cool Spool DVD

This DVD will teach you step by step how to tie invisible elastic loops in 15 seconds or less and how to make a nifty little device to carry your loops with you in your hip wallet anywhere.


Lottery Winner 2.0

The Lottery Winner 2.0 is the ultimate Lottery prediction effect. It packs small, plays BIG and you can use it anytime anywhere to amaze your audience.


Requires Only You DVD

Requires Only You DVD by Roy Zaltsman is a straight forward billet work. Learn RZ modified Switch, RZ center tear, motivated pick, boon writing, PAM TW Force


The Roy DVD

The Roy DVD is a true winner. Learn 10 real world working routines including: Headline prediction, Q&A, Body Magic and a next Generation Quick calculation effect.