The Roy DVD

Ten engaging mind reading effects that will mesmerize your audience Two secrets – A real magician-fooler! The mentalist proves that he knew in advance which card the spectator would pick and its exact location in the deck. Q 4 U 2 NO.1...
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Lottery Winner 2.0

Lottery Winner 2.0 is a user-friendly performance set that allows anyone to mesmerize an audience using a simple concept. Lottery Winner 2.0 employs an ordinary looking yet intelligently constructed pack of business cards numbered 1 through 49, representing common numbers used in...
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Requires Only You DVD

Be amongst the first to learn Roy Zaltsman’s best kept secrets and subtleties. Each and every one of these effects can be performed anywhere – both stage and close up. The DVD includes: RZ Center Tear – the fastest, most natural, cleanest...
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